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Dated: 12/30/2017

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One of the best things I ever did for my family was moving to Bedford in 2008. If you live here I am sure you can agree that the community, the schools and the sports programs are all amazing and supportive. We are a small community with a big heart.

Over the years the town has grown greatly. From Whole Foods, Boston Interiors and soon Trader Joe's. We even have a Chipotle, Starbucks and Target. Over the last 10 year we have seen amazing growth on the commercial side. This helps to bring the amenities that we desire and make them convenient for us. Yes we lost CR Sparks, but you can still go to Hampton at CR's to enjoy some of the same classics, but I do miss the pizza bar.... The Copper Door is also a welcomed addition along with the expansion of the Bedford Village in (BVI for locals) with the new Grand Inn. One thing I can say is Jack and the BVI staff are always a class act. And recently Murphy's added a new place where the old Weathervane was. Great for that section of town since you can only eat at Shorty's so many times in a week.

Some of the other things which has made our town even better was opening or Market Basket. Now we have 2 Hannaford's, Harvest Market, Market Basket, Whole Foods and Fresh Market all operating. If you can't find what you need then you might not need it?!?

I never thought I would see the day when we had so much growth over such a short period of time but that commercial base does help to keep the taxes (cough) low. Well really lower than they would be with out it.

I can say first hand since I have 2 children who have gone through the school system since 1st and 2nd grade and at BHS that the experience for them has been amazing and I would strongly suggest anyone considering a move for the Bedford School System to really consider it. The programs they supply, the support they have and the preparedness for the real world has helped my children thrive and evolve in to great little humans.

What some do not know is how amazing the sports programs are in Bedford. From the Bedford Cannons Lacrosse to The Bedford Jr. Bulldogs football to the Bedford Athletic Club Soccer Program and the list goes on. The Bedford Basketball Program coupled with the Elizabeth Seton CYO league. Over and over the sports programs have been filled with caring people giving their time and energy to program an excellent experience and one I think every child should enjoy.

There is so much more to the town and I could write 1,000 pages on it, but what we are going to be doing over the coming years is to feature one "thing" per month. Maybe a restaurant, maybe a store, maybe a program and we are going to explore it and share ideas.

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Enjoy Every Day,

John Moscillo

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Bedford NH Living

One of the best things I ever did for my family was moving to Bedford in 2008. If you live here I am sure you can agree that the community, the schools and the sports programs are all amazing and

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